The Art of Home

Meet the Lee Family

Renting With a Chance of Chaos

Canvas Helps Family in Renter Doldrums Find Dream Home Destination Replete with

Soccer Goals, Basketball Hoops, and Square Footage Mom Loves




Meet the Lee family: Matt, Jeni, and their two boys, Carson and Fisher.


Matt and Jeni Lee were unsure of what they wanted in a new home when they began their search. They only had their past, albeit tedious and stressful, experiences to guide them. Jeni let our Canvas team know she and Matt weren’t sure what they wanted but were quite sure what they did not. When establishing our relationship with the Lees, we learned that Matt works part-time at Crosspoint Community Church and owns the gym which sits at the front of that church’s campus. They also worship there on Sundays. “Needless to say, we’re back and forth a lot!” Jeni half-joked. And if that wasn’t enough, their teenage sons were commuting to and from Sumrall Schools every weekday, and they found they were giving all their free time to maintaining the 46-year-old home they occupied.


The Lee family’s needs were coming into sharp focus.


Big commutes?


No, thank you.


Making the boys drive 20+ miles to school.


Umm.. NO.


An oversized house that’s too big and old to maintain and in a poor location?


We’ll pass!!



Jeni says that they knew they were in the right hands the first time they sat down with our team before actually looking at properties. She explained, “The pros at Canvas have an amazing ability to explain the mortgage process without making you feel dumb. With it being our fourth house, they could have just given us the ‘Cliff’s Notes’ guide to home buying. Instead, they took the time to explain everything as if it was our first time but without sounding condescending or patronizing.”


At Canvas Mortgage, we provide a secure blank canvas for each family. Our mortgage specialists’ expertise acts as a palette and brush. Requests like yard space for soccer and basketball goals, minimal square footage, and commuting distances are the paint. Being side by side with a family through their life experiences provides the color. The Canvas experts use both to give every home-buying experience focus, vibrancy, and life. In short, you and the quirky things that make you and your family unique are the art.


We’re here to be the canvas for your art.



We hope you reach out to one of our Canvas Mortgage lending specialists so we can be the canvas that allows you to paint your dream home into reality.