The Art of Home

Meet the Johnson Family

Canvas Mortgage Helps Family Achieve Dream Home with Chicken Coop, Garden,

Football Field, Sherwood Forest and More.




Meet the Johnsons… ten years ago and now.


When Grace and Casey Johnson met with our Canvas Mortgage team, there were fears of the unknown and quite a bit to learn about the intricacies of purchasing a home. The Johnsons knew what they wanted in a dream home, but needed to figure out how to obtain it. Upon their initial meeting, Grace shared her criteria two minutes into the conversation, “3000 sq/ft, 2-story, 3-4 bedrooms, 4-bath southern-contemporary-style home deep in Lamar County.” More than that she wanted a chicken coop to gather eggs. A forest for curious minds to explore. A warm garden to cultivate throughout the year.


The Johnson family expressed that they wanted more than a house… they wanted a home.


At Canvas, we know there is no way to successfully bring a family through the mortgage process with just facts and figures. “We know we can’t begin to walk anyone through the most significant investment they will ever make without building a solid and trusting foundational relationship,” states Jonathan Shows.



With financial guidance and planning from Canvas over the next several years, the Johnsons were able to build the home they envisioned for their family.


At Canvas Mortgage, we view the first step of homeownership as a blank canvas. The reassurance and services we provide may be the brush to help guide the vision, but you are the artist. Your palette can be dotted with an array of colorful needs and requests in a home.


We know that like a painting, life is sometimes messy. When you take a step back from its details, however, a picture of love and intentionality will be before you.


We’re here to be the canvas for your art.


No matter the style.



We hope you reach out to one of our Canvas Mortgage lending specialists so we can be the canvas that allows you to paint your dream home into reality.